liberated transitions

support for transformative times



Energetic transmissions that support your bodymindsoul’s healing process.



A three-phase model of support for transitions of all kinds.


Radical mental health education and community-building.

Meet change with an expert shapeshifter.

A picture of Tasha Fierce, a Black person with beige skin, brown eyes, short kinky brown hair with white streaks, and full lips, who is wearing winged black eyeliner, glittery golden-pink eyeshadow, shiny diamond-like jewels under their eyes, turquoise cat eye glasses, and an embroidered cream-and-burgundy paisley caftan. Tasha has a dimple in their cheeks and a twinkle of magic and mischief in their eye, and they smile at the camera softly. A green plant with oblong leaves curves gently into the frame on the left, and in the background more greenery plays against the white walls.

Is the earth crumbling beneath your feet? Oh, love. I’ve been there.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to reinvent myself, pick through the ashes of who I was to find the glimmering speck of who I would be. Becoming new is hard and painful work.

Lucky then that I’m here to help you through it.

My name is Tasha Fierce. I’m a transition doula and certified reiki practitioner with over twenty years of experience in utilizing holistic healing modalities to navigate change. I specialize in earth-shaking transitions, shepherding folks through valleys of death, & sitting up through long nights of the soul.

Honor every transition.

Birth, death, graduation, and marriage aren’t the only transitions worthy of our attention. Each time we find ourselves at a crossroads in life, we deserve to acknowledge the moment.

My goal is to support clients and help them create liberatory rituals around grief, disability, madness, job loss, and other tectonic shifts. I believe every major life event can be a chance to evaluate our legacy and honor the person we’ve become.

The process



During your free 20 minute consultation, we discuss your situation.



We get to know each other and build trust through a series of exploration sessions before we begin the deep meaning work of the three-phase model.



We work together throughout your transition to make sure your change process is in line with your desired legacy.



You emerge on the other side of transition whole, sure-footed, and feeling that much closer to freedom.

The practice


based in kizh/tongva land (pasadena, california)

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