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Energetic transmissions that activate your bodymind’s healing process. 

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Doula Services

Planning and support for transitions from birth through death.

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Radical mental health theory & education, peer support, and community-building for individuals and organizations.

Shape your change.

Shifting from one way of being to another is never easy, and it is doubly so in these tumultuous times. Whether you’re newly disabled, changing careers, or facing death, you deserve to honor this point of transition in your life. And you deserve support that helps you link today’s change to a lifetime’s legacy.

All of my offerings are designed to help you move into a liberated relationship with transition. My doula servicesplanning/meaning work, ritual, and processingencourage you to evaluate your legacy at every transition to ensure you’re living to be remembered well. My reiki healing sessions engage your energetic body in refortifying itself for the journey ahead. My workshops help you reimagine mental health and mental illness so you can align your personal transformation with a collective one.

Book a consultation for doula services, schedule a 60-minute standalone reiki session, or sign up for one of my workshops today. However we connect, I look forward to hearing your story.

May your transition be a path to liberation.

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based in kizh/tongva land (pasadena, california)

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