Holistic support for transformative times.

Life abounds with crossroads, points of transition from one way of being to another.

When our worlds are turned upside down, we are awakened to realities we never would have considered before. Rhythms and routines that propelled us through the day are suddenly inadequate. We ponder who we are, what legacy we are leaving.

These are the liminal periods of life. Honoring them is crucial to our growth. And on a practical level, when we undertake a journey without knowing who we are and what we want, it’s a lot less likely we’ll be happy with where we arrive.

liberated transitions exists to provide holistic education and support for people and organizations entering a time of transition. My goal is always to honor what you were while embracing what you are becoming.

A light brown skinned Black femme person with speckled brown and grey hair. They are wearing blue cat eye glasses, a green cardigan, and they are smiling at the camera.

Who I Am

I am Tasha Fierce, the force behind liberated transitions.

My pronouns are they/them/the divine feminine. I’m a mad queer fat neurodivergent sick disabled Black nonbinary femme, and I’m also a writer, artist, educator, facilitator, and mystic.

I have a B.A. in sociology from UCLA (magna cum laude). I am an INELDA-trained end-of-life doula who is also Mental Health First Aid certified. I have studied and practiced harm reduction and peer counseling for over twenty-five years, and I have been creating and presenting educational workshops on neurodiversity and radical mental health since 2011.

To my mind, my primary qualification lies in having survived for over forty years in an anti-Black, anti-femme, anti-disabled society while existing as a configuration of bodymindsoul labeled femme, crazy, sick, queer, fat, nonwhite, Other. And somehow, while navigating the details of my survival, I’ve also managed to advise and guide others through spiritual, emotional, and financial crises big and small.

Enter liberated transitions.

In 2019, in the midst of one of my own crises, I heard my calling: to help others through personal transformation in the hopes of fostering collective transformation. As I transformed myself, I laid the path for others to follow, just as I followed a path laid for me by previous spiritual travelers.

As a doula, I am not required to be licensed or regulated by state agencies, and as an anti-capitalist & anti-colonialist, outside the mental health enterprise is exactly where I want to be. I remain accountable to my clients, my communities, and my ancestors, but I do not conform to colonialist attempts to regulate the ways we care for each other.

Ultimately, it is my intention that this practice be an exercise in collective & mutual aid. It is my intention to redistribute resources, care, and energy to Black queer disabled community. It is my intention to be a conduit for ancestral healing, an agent of loving transformation, in whatever ways I can.

liberated transitions is an offering to my people. liberated transitions is me.

Mission & Vision

liberated transitions is dedicated to providing compassionate, conscientious, liberatory-minded support rooted in healing justice principles. The vision? Freedom. A world liberated of systemic oppression by those who have undertaken the work of personal and collective transformation.



What is a transition doula?

I’m so glad you asked! Typically, birth/postpartum doulas assist parent and child through the birthing process and into the first year of life. End-of-life or death doulas assist the dying as they approach the end of life and cross over, and they can also support the family as they navigate the grieving process. Those are two huge and important transitions that form the bookends of our lives, and it’s vital that we have those resources available.

But what about the other moments of our lives where we find ourselves facing a whole new way of being? Marriage/partnership, divorce, disability, gender transition, losing a job—these are all times we might wish we had someone to help us find direction. Someone to listen, plan with us, guide us towards resources, and reassure us that we are capable of being who we need to be for this moment.

What birth and death doulas do for the beginning and end of life, transition doulas do for those and all the metamorphoses inbetween.


Are you a therapist? What does peer support mean?

No, I’m not a therapist. I am a person with education and training around supportive techniques, and a person with lived experience of trauma, becoming disabled, getting married, losing my job, and moving under duress, among other transitions. My services are meant to be utilized as an adjunct to your treatment plan, not as a replacement for licensed professional healthcare.

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