prosperity and abundance full moon spell (reprint)

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gather the following ingredients:

* cramp bark for general good luck
* star anise for same
rosemary to purify capitalist/colonialist connotations of “prosperity”
hyssop to purify capitalist/colonialist connotations of “abundance”
sandalwood to grant wishes
calendulapatchouli oilcinnamon and chamomile to draw money
angelica to break the jinx of white supremacy
sage to reverse the evil of capitalism
high john oil to draw money and for good luck

grind with mortar and pestle or dedicated coffee grinder and add to cauldron.

write the following (or something like it) on a brown piece of paper:

all earthly blessings will flow to us
the obstacles of colonialism, capitalism, and white supremacy will shatter under our feet
the struggle for survival will abate
a new day of peace, abundance, and joy will grow
from our resistance
and our prayers
universe, we call upon all forces for good
for god
to see us here this full moon night
and grant our request
for respite.
let abundance and prosperity coexist with our determined opposition to capitalist exploitation.

fold up the paper and place it along with the herbs in the cauldron. set a lighted charcoal on top of the paper. open a window if you’re not outside.

repeat let abundance and prosperity coexist with our resistance to capitalism as many times as you like.

bury the ashes in the earth.

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